Fujikura FlyWire Shaft

$ 349.00

Fujikura Flywire Shaft (Long Drive)



Fujikura Flywire Shaft (Long Drive)


COLOR: Blue 

AVAILABILITY:Allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipping

Product Description

The Krank Golf / Fujikura Flywire Long Drive Shaft = Winner of 8 World Long Drive Championships. The most winning shaft in the history of Long Drive.

Shaft Does Not Come With An Adapter or Grip and is not cut to to any specific length.  Please call the office if you are wanting the shaft cut to length and need to add an Adapter and Grip.

This shaft is the lightest shaft in Long Drive at 50 to 54 grams. It is 48 inches uncut. It has won multiple Open Division, Senior Division and Womens Division World Long Drive Championships.  This shaft is lightning fast and very high modulus graphite.  If you want pure speed and remarkable stability, the Flywire Shaft is for you!

Available Flex Options

  • 1X Flex
  • 2X Flex
  • 3X Flex


Shaft Specifications

  • Tip DIA: .335
  • Butt DIA: .600
  • Torque: 2.6
  • Launch Angle: Mid
  • Weight: 56 Grams
  • Uncut Length: 48 Inches
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