Formula FIRE X High COR Driver -Rated For Average Drives between 200 - 260 Yards

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THE NEW KRANK GOLF FORMULA FIRE DRIVERS – Match your swing speed to the optimal face thickness and you will experience a whole new level of distance! 2 To 3 Weeks Shipping

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Formula FIRE X High-COR Driver

*Rated For Average Drives between 200 and 260 Yards/Swing Speed Range 80-105 mph

AVAILABILITY: 2 To 3 Weeks Shipping

Product Description:

The New Formula FIRE Drivers – Taking Driver Technology, Spring Effect and Accuracy to a whole new level – Krank’s Hottest Drivers Ever!

The Formula FIRE X HIGH-COR/HIGH CT Driver is 100% handmade, cupped faced forged and is rated for swing speeds between 105 and 85mph or average driving distance of 260 to 200 yards.

Krank Golf is the only golf driver company that makes 3 different driver face thicknesses.  This driver is the middle face thickness.     

We do not build cast drivers!  We specialize in the in the highest-grade beta titanium. Our metal is significantly harder than virtually any other driver on the planet.  Enjoy the next evolution of Krank speed and accuracy. The New FIRE X HIGH-COR/HIGH CT Driver encompasses the outrageous ball speeds and stability everyone is so used to with Krank Drivers.

The FIRE X HIGH-COR/HIGH CT Driver encompasses everything we have learned over the past 22 years about driver performance. From triple plasma welding, the latest hardened Beta Titanium, to added sole plate louver placement for maximum energy transfer back to the golf ball. We push every possible advantage to gain performance.  There is no comparison in performance or durability.

Enjoy the next Krank Revolution and hit the ball FASTER – STRAIGHTER – LONGER with The New Formula FIRE X HIGH-COR/HIGH CT Driver by Krank Golf.

Can faster swing speeds hit the thinner faced drivers?  NO!!!  Again, this is simple science!  If a golfer who’s average driving distance is above 260 yards and they hit the FIRE X High COR/CT Driver, two things will happen.  The ball will go shorter because at that higher swing speed, it will overload the face and does not spring back effectively.  The face of the driver will also flatten and break.  Every FIRE Driver is rated for a specific swing speed.  As long as the driver is used by a golfer in that swing speed range or average driving distance range, the driver will last for years and generate extreme ball speeds and added distance.    

Do these drivers hit straight?  Krank Golf Drivers are the straightest hitting drivers on the planet.  If you own a Formula FIRE Driver, you already know that.  Our Dual weight port system greatly reduces the lateral/angular spin of the ball, which greatly reduces the curve of the ball. Square the face to the target and you will find more fairways than you do now with your current driver. 

Krank Golf is committed to the ENJOYMENT of the game. At Krank Golf we specialize in Extreme Driver performance. (USGA Conforming and High COR/CT Drivers) We don’t build irons, wedges or putters. There are plenty to choose from on the market.  For over 21 years we have continued to push the boundaries of what makes a driver hit straighter and longer down the fairway or the Long Drive Grid.  From 26 World Long Drive Championships to making the undisputed longest hitting drivers for the medium to slower swing speed golfers.  We cover every golfer, at every age and at every swing speed.  Follow the SCIENCE!  It’s not that complicated.  Don’t settle for thick faced drivers anymore! 




The Formula FIRE X HIGH-COR Krank Golf driver is 100% handmade, cupped faced and forged. No cast drivers here. Enjoy the next evolution of Krank speed and accuracy. At Krank Golf we will not sacrifice performance for style. The great news is that we didn’t have to. The Formula FIRE X HIGH-COR Driver encompasses the outrageous ball speeds and stability everyone is so used to with a new look and style everyone wants.


Fujikura Speeder X LIGHT Tour Shaft

The Fujikura Torque Light Tour Shaft was designed to assist those golfers who swing a little slower including, Seniors, Ladies and Junior golfers. Not to say faster hitters can't use this shaft but being so lite and built with extremely fast graphite, the golfer who hits the ball on average over 250 yards should consider purchasing the Fujikura Torque Tour shaft.

Weight Torque Tip Butt Launch Angle Uncut Length
54g 2.8 .335 .600 Mid 46"

Fujikura Speeder X Tour Shaft

The Fujikura Torque Tour Shaft was designed to create stability for the golfer hitting on average over 250 yards. This low torque, high modulus graphite shaft can handle even the highest swing speeds.

Weight Torque Tip Butt Launch Angle Uncut Length
63g 2.5 .335 .600 Mid-Low 46"


Tour Wrap Grip

Our Tour Wrap features a symmetrical, perforated texture designed to minimize hand-and-wrist strain while delivering maximum comfort and performance. This classic grip was specifically engineered to offer a softer feel, reduced torque, and enhanced tackiness.

Tour Wrap Standard Black, 50 g, 0.600" Round

The P2 Wrap features a perforated wrap design and fits golfers with standard size hands that prefer a slightly softer, more muted feel at impact. This grip is great for wet or humid locations and for those that really like a tacky feeling grip that will absorb some vibration.

  • Texture: Tacky - Light Perforation
  • Material: Proprietary Rubber Blend
  • Feel: Tacky-Soft
  • Core size: 0.600" Round
  • Weight: 50 gm (+/- 3 gm)
  • Outside diameter: Men's Standard
Material Core Size Weight Diameter
100% Tacky-Soft Compound 60 Round 50g Standard



Warranty for High COR and Super High COR Driver heads – These drivers are very durable and come with a one-year warranty as described in this warranty policy. The only differences are as follows:  These are very specialized driver heads and are sold to golfers with a very specific swing speed ranges to maximize their distance off the tee box. If the buyer misrepresents his or her swing speed or allows another higher swing speed golfer to hit the driver they purchased, the warranty is voided.  All High COR and Super High COR driver heads have a Bulge and Roll of 11 X 11 New.  If the Bulge and Roll flattens beyond 15 X 15, broken or not broken, the warranty is voided.  This would be clear evidence that a much higher swing speed golfer hit the driver. Krank Golf has significant testing that shows, if the golfer who purchases these drivers does not exceed the swing speed range mandated, the driver will last well beyond the one-year warranty.  Do not let any golfer who swings beyond the suggested swing speed hit this driver. 


Write a review

Reviewed by Christopher H
09/20/2021 11:01 pm
Feels good to be back
So I made the switch from my rad speed to a formula 11X driver. I didn’t think I would gain a whole lot but boy was I wrong. My total distance was around 250 yards before. Well my first tee shot rolled out to 290 sure made the game a lot more fun as hitting 9 iron into a par 4 over a 6 iron. Awesome product and 100% recommend to any golfer looking to make the game more fun

Reviewed by Alex R
08/18/2021 12:46 pm
Great results
I'm still correcting my swing but notice a marked difference with proper contact vs my old driver. Beautiful club and shaft. Much more consistent

Reviewed by Damian T
04/21/2021 1:53 pm
Great Driver
Took a little bit to warm up to the F11X was trying to be conservative and let the club do the work but it wasn’t working for me. Once I figured out to just to swing for the fence I was kranking the ball straight down the fairway probably easy 50yrds past everyone in my group.

Reviewed by Mark F
01/09/2021 8:03 am
What a Driver
Met Kevin Shook at the range yesterday trying out all the new Krank Drivers. Long story short I hit the F11X and it was fantastic. The ball flies off the clubface and I hit it straighter and longer than ever before. I walked away with my first Krank Drivef and can’t wait for my first round!!

Reviewed by Ross B
11/18/2020 11:11 am
new F11 driver
I just purchased a F11 driver. Played 3 rounds with it over the weekend. I tweaked the loft in the 3rd round and the driver came alive with just a touch more loft for my swing. My swing speed is about 90mph so I went with the 63 gram regular Speeder shaft. I picked up 15-20 yards to hit the ball out there within range of some of my younger partners. It feels good at 67yo to gain that distance back . well done gents, keep up the good work.