Formula FIRE PRO Driver-USGA Conforming-Rated For Average Drives of 260 Yards or Longer (HEAD ONLY)

$ 429.00

THE NEW KRANK GOLF FORMULA FIRE DRIVERS – Match your swing speed to the optimal face thickness and you will experience a whole new level of distance! 2 To 3 Weeks Shipping

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Formula FIRE PRO (Black) Driver (HEAD ONLY)

*Rated For Average Drives of 260 Yards or Longer/Swing Speed Range: 105 mph & Higher

AVAILABILITY: Allow 3 to 4 weeks shipping

Product Description:

The New Formula FIRE Drivers – Taking Driver Technology, Spring Effect and Accuracy to a whole new level – Krank’s Hottest Drivers Ever!

All Head Only purchases come with an adapter, wrench and headcover. 

The Formula FIRE PRO Driver is 100% handmade, deep cupped faced forged and is rated for swing speeds of 105mph and higher.  It is USGA Conforming. If you are a competitive golfer who competes in professional or elite amateur competitions and has to hit a driver on the USGA Driver Conforming List regardless of your swing speed, you would choose this driver.

We do not build cast drivers!  We specialize in the in the highest-grade beta titanium. Our metal is significantly harder than virtually any other driver on the planet.  Enjoy the next evolution of Krank speed and accuracy. The new Formula FIRE PRO Driver encompasses the outrageous ball speeds and stability everyone is so used to with Krank Drivers.

The Formula FIRE PRO Krank Golf driver encompasses everything we have learned over the past 22 years about driver performance. From triple plasma welding, the latest hardened Beta Titanium, to added sole plate louver placement for maximum energy transfer back to the golf ball. We push every possible advantage to gain performance.  There is no comparison in performance or durability.

Enjoy the next Krank Revolution and hit the ball FASTER – STRAIGHTER – LONGER with the NEW Formula FIRE PRO Driver by Krank Golf.


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Reviewed by Tim Z
10/23/2021 4:01 pm
I recently upgraded to the new F11 Pro after breaking my old driver, and I have not been disappointed. I am consistently hitting the ball further, but more importantly hitting more fairways… although in same cases I’m hitting too long and driving to far through them… I guess that’s not too bad of a problem to have! Can’t wait to upgrade my fairways woods too