2012 World Long Drive Champion Ryan Winther

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Why Ryan Hits Krank

“Only Krank Golf can deliver the premium package you desire in a driver. Performance, distance, cutting edge technology, customization, and sexiness all combined to give you the ultimate driving experience. When I started this journey, I had the speed, the talent and determination to not only compete against the top Long Drivers in the World, but beat them.. For two years, I battled, but ultimately came up short. Frustrated and confused, a man I now consider a close friend approached me and offered me a brand new Driver to hit…. The rest is history. With the help of Lance Reader and his Krank Golf brand, I catapulted to the top of the sport, winning The World Long Drive Championships, setting multiple Guinness World Records, and over 20 wins on tour. I was always good enough to win, I just had to find the right weapon. Krank Golf has soared to the top of the Driver World and without a doubt, produce the longest drivers in the game today. Get yourself the brand new Krank Formula X Driver and I look forward to seeing your potential. Whether its a weekend warrior, or an aspiring tour player, Krank will boost your game to a level you’ve never thought possible..”

Fun Long Drive Facts About Ryan:

  1. 2012 Re/Max World Long Drive Champion
  2. Guinness World Record for Ball Speed 217.1 mph
  3. Guinness World Record Longest carry drive under 1000 meter elevation 430 yards
  4. Guinness World Record Longest carry drive over 1000 meter elevation 495 yards (pending)
  5. 2013 and 2015 International Champion
  6. 17 Long Drive Tour wins worldwide

Head – Krank Golf Formula X Signature RW / Driven Driver
Loft – 4 degree
Shaft – Paderson Shaft
Length – 47.5 length
Grip – Switch Grip

Highest swing speed recorded – 167.1 mph
Highest ball speed recorded – 239 mph
Longest competitive drive – 485 yards

Ryan was a computer systems specialist in the United States Army. Ryan received a medical discharge due to a cracked L5. The disc slide forward pinching the spinal cord. Over the years, Ryan’s back protected itself by limiting thoracic turn, which in turn, created a unbeilable rubber band effect, allowing Ryan to swing much faster than all doctors thought possible.

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