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Here is what you need to know about Krank Golf. Every normal spring effect conforming USGA driver is rated for 115 to 120 mph swing speed. If you are swinging slower than that, you are not effectively activating the spring effect of the face.  You will never maximize your distance off the tee box hitting a driver face rated for the fastest swinging golfers on the PGA Tour unless you are swinging as fast as they are. 

It’s very simple science. Krank forged beta titanium metal is significantly harder than any other driver on the planet. When we thin the face of our drivers to the proper thickness for your swing speed, the ball goes faster off the face of the driver and you hit the ball further. Virtually every Krank driver is the same except for the face thickness.  We have chosen to match the proper face thickness to your swing speed. We now make 3 different face thicknesses. We choose which driver is best suited for you based on your swing speed or average distance.  We now match your swing speed to your shaft flex and driver face flex. Makes complete sense to us and absolutely increases your distance by 20 to 40 more yards off the tee box.

For over the past 21 years, Krank Golf has been taking care of the fastest swingers in the world, winning 26 World Long Drive Championships and completely dominating every golf driver manufacturer on the planet. We are different and better at creating distance with a driver. We have proven that for a long time. This cannot be disputed!  We are now focusing our technology on the slower swing speed golfers who need the distance the most. 

Go enjoy golf!  The greatest sport in the world for many many reasons!

Here’s the answer. The FIREPRO is on the USGA Driver conforming list. It is the fastest and longest hitting conforming driver on the planet. Like all conforming drivers, they perform at their highest spring effect at the higher swing speeds. If you’re playing in a golf event that requires you to only use a driver on the USGA Driver conforming list, you have to use the FIREPRO regardless of your swing speed.Now here’s the sad truth. If you swing less than 105 mph, you don’t get the same spring effect that the faster swing speeds get. The slower you swing the worse it gets. We at Krank don’t think that’s fair. The FIRE X and the FIRE XX are the same driver as the FIRE PRO, just have thinner faces to give back to the slower swing speed golfers the distance they deserve.  They are not on either the USGA Driver Conforming list or the USGA Non Conforming list. They are simply Not Submitted. They are meant for recreational golf which is 99% of all golf. Hit which one works best for you.

Because it is totally unfair for slower swing speed golfer to be forced to hit thick faced driver that are meant for fast swing speeds.  We believe all swing speeds should get the same fair driver face trampoline effect.  

Many golfers ask, what is so different about Krank Golf Drivers.  Our intent is not to overwhelm golfers with our technology, but considering most golfers are completely jaded and don’t believe a thing golf company’s claim on new driver performance, we MUST at least share the basic differences between Krank drivers and everyone else.Here are a few things that are new to the world of golf driver design and only found in Krank Golf Drivers.We are NOT cast drivers!  We are 100% handmade super hardened forged drivers. Our forged beta titanium face metal is much harder than virtually every other driver on the market. It has to be to withstand 150+ mph swing speeds in Long Drive and is the main reason we have won 26 World Long Drive Championships. That metal allows us to go super thin for the slowest swing speed golfers. We match face thickness and bulge and roll to all swing speeds for maximum spring effect. No golf driver company has ever done that!!!  We are also cupped face. That helps significantly in durability and performance. We triple plasma weld all our drivers for even more durability. We are 100% titanium, no composite material and have the least body expansion at impact of any driver in the world. Our energy transfer back to the ball is more efficient than any driver in the world. As far as the ball goes, you need to hit, regardless of swing speed an 80+ compression ball. Marshmallows don’t fly far, period!  We at Krank Golf enjoy having conversations with any golfer about our technology.  Especially with people who are interested in the science. Also, read our reviews. We don’t write them.  These drivers are revolutionary!!!  It is the future of golf drivers. Every golfer at every swing speed should get the same fair trampoline effect off the face of a driver.  We do not except the status quo of forcing slower swing speed golfers into the same driver face spring effect that only benefits the fastest swingers.  If you are hitting your 3 Wood as far as your driver, you are not getting your fair driver face spring effect. Your driver should always hit regardless of swing speed, 30+ yards longer than your 3 Wood.  That in itself is a simple test that every golfer can do!We at Krank will continue to add enjoyment to the game of golf by pushing the boundaries of Driver Technology. If you don’t believe it, keep hitting the driver you have now. If you do believe it or are at least open minded to try it, give us a call or go to our website and get one. They are remarkable!!! Thanks for taking the time to read this.Go enjoy golf!

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26 World Long Drive Championships. You tell me...

We use the highest grade beta titanium possible.  We us a method call "Cupped Face Forging".  We do not make cast drivers.  We are 100% hand made and are the only adjustable cupped face forged driver in the world today.  

This forging process allows us to make drivers with multible face thicknesses because the face of our drivers are significantly harder than any other drivers.  From 160 MPH swing speeds to the 45 MPH swing speeds, we cover all of you!  

Krank Golf is the only company willing to take performance to this level.  Cupped Face Forging is very difficult to do and is very time consuming.  The majors will not do it because it is much easier to cast large numbers of drivers than it is to hand make drivers the way we do it.

In the end, it is what makes our driver that good.