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Ryan Winther

Ryan Winther


Ryan Winther, a California native growing up in the late 1900’s, grew up to become a highly respectable and widely admired professional golf player. Winther is also an honorable army veteran, as he joined straight out of college a Field Artillery Computer Systems Specialist at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. Due to medical issues, he was discharged from the Army after about a year and believe it or not, went on to pursue a collegiate baseball career immediately after. Winther concluded his career in baseball in 2006 and began to take up golf. In only three short years, he fell in love with the sport and excelled tremendously at it, as well. Winther turned professional in 2009 and obtained his first notable victory that same year at the ALDA Championship in Phoenix, Arizona. After accepting an opportunity to work at the best testing facility in the world at Titleist Performance Institute, Winther became the fastest golfer ever recorded with a highly impressive ball speed record exceeding 225 mph. By 2012, he had set The Guinness Book of World Record for longest carry drive on a golf course and humbly went on to become the ReMax World Long Drive Champion that same year. Winther not only holds impressive world records, but he sets admirable standards as a hard worker with an extraordinary work ethic. 


  • 2012 Re/Max World Long Drive Champion
  • Guinness World Record for Ball Speed 217.1 mph
  • Guinness World Record Longest carry drive under 1000 meter elevation 430 yards
  • Guinness World Record Longest carry drive over 1000 meter elevation 495 yards (pending)
  • 2013 and 2015 International Champion
  • 17 Long Drive Tour wins worldwide


  • Head – Krank Formula X Ryan Winther Driven Golf Edition
  • Loft – 4 degree
  • Shaft – Paderson Shaft
  • Length – 47.5 length
  • Grip – Switch Grip


  • Highest swing speed recorded – 167.1 mph
  • Highest ball speed recorded – 239 mph
  • Longest competitive drive – 485 yards
How Ryan Winther Drives It
 Formula FIRE PRO - USGA Conforming - Rated For Average Drives of 260 Yards or Longer
Formula FIRE PRO - USGA Conforming - Rated For Average Drives of 260 Yards or Longer

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