Kyle Berkshire

Current World Long Drive Rank: #5
Achieved World’s Fastest Ball Speed at 228.5

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Why Kyle Hits Krank

“In 2017 when I was a 20 year old kid (just last year actually) still playing college golf for the University of North Texas I decided I wanted to try my hand at Long Drive. I knew I was long but wasn’t sure if I could compete with the top guys in the sport. I decided to have a fitting with two time World Champion Art Sellinger and after trying multiple types of clubs it became apparent that Krank was, by far, the SUPERIOR option. One week later I took my Krank Driver to my first event and won it, and in the process hitting a drive of 474 yards, a Tournament Record. I also won the Tournament and qualified for the World Championship on my very first try. After this event it became apparent that Krank was simply several cuts above ALL other manufactures. While Krank is certainly the best driver in the sport of Long Drive, I can say, as someone who was a high level junior golfer and Division l golfer who has played golf since the age of 3, Krank is also better and by far the most durable, than all the mainstream playing driver manufactures in the World, because mainstream drivers are cast and mass produced. Krank drivers are all handmade individually with the best and highest quality metal combinations available. I trust my livelihood to Krank, and you’ll be glad you trusted your tee shots to Krank also …TRUST ME ON THIS!”

Fun Long Drive Facts About Kyle:

  1. 2018 Midwest Slam Champion – Longest ball in the tournament
  2. 2018 Tennesse Big Shots – 2nd Place
  3. 2018 8 straight Quarterfinal appearences
  4. 2018 World Long Drive Championship – The Championship’s Longest Drive at 406 yards
  5. 2017 World Championship – 3rd Place
  6. 2017 Catawba Classic – Longest ball in the tournament by 24 yards at 439 yards, Tournament Record by 7 yards, also second longest ball at 417 yards
  7. 2017 Rockwell Blast – 2nd Longest ball at 451 yards – 3rd place
  8. 2017 Bash for Cash – Longest ball in preliminary group by 15 yards at 432 yards
  9. 2017 Tennessee Shootout – 5th place
  10. 2017 Endless Summer Invitational Qualifier Champion (debut) longest drive by 10 yards at 474 yards (Tournament Record)

Head – Krank Golf Formula X Signature KB Driver
Loft – 3-4.5 degrees
Shaft – Fujikura Groove 3x and 4x
Length – 48″ USGA
Grip – Switch Grip

Highest swing speed recorded – 152.6 mph /December 2018
Highest ball speed recorded – 228.5 mph (potential World Record) Smash Factor – 149.88 /December 2018
Longest competitive drive – 474 yards /March 2017
Ranked #5 in the World for Long Drive

Kyle is a junior at University of Central Florida in Orlando and a member of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity.

At the age of 4, Kyle was runner-up in the U. S. Kids Maryland State Golf Championship in the 6 & under category shooting a 37.

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