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Do you want to know the “Biggest Secret” in the game of golf today?
Here is a clue. It has to do with why you are not driving as far as you should be.
Please click on the “Next” button below and watch the video. It will change your understanding of driver face trampoline effect forever. If you want an extra 25 to 40 yards off the tee box, click the “Next” button and make sure your audio is on.

Spring Effect

Understanding Face Spring Effect

Krank Golf

Krank Golf

President of Krank Golf, Lance Reader explains why these drivers will change your game forever and are needed for over 90% of golfers worldwide. Its time all golfers get their fair distance off the tee box regardless of age or swing speed.

Perfect driver

Let’s get you fitted to the perfect driver for your swing!

At Krank Golf, there is nothing more important than getting your driver setup perfect for your golf swing. This interactive driver fitting tool will help you get the correct driver set up and the confidence you need to know you will play your best off the tee box. Let’s get started!

Driver Swing

Driver Swing

Your Driver Graph
Click On the Zone That Matches Your Driver Swing

At Krank Golf we are committed to providing maximum distance for every golfer at every swing speed. That is why we make three different Formula 11 Drivers, Formula 11PRO, Formula 11X and Formula 11XX. Please carefully look at the driver graph and select which driver zone best matches your average driving distance or swing speed.

Swing Speed

Krank Golf Pro Driver swing speed chart
Krank Golf Formula X High-Core Driver swing speed chart
Krank Golf Formula XX Super High-Cor Driver swing speed chart

Average Driving Distance




What is the loft-degree on your current driver?


What is your current drive trajectory?


What type of shaft do you currently use?


What size of grip do you use?


What is your height?


What is your Gender and Hand?

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