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Xtreme Long Drive World Championship Concludes at Cog Hill

September 21, 2021

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Some of the world’s top long drivers came together this weekend to find out who’s the best - one swing at a time. Kanani Lodge walked away as the champion of this weekend’s Xtreme Long Drive World Championship Women’s Open after her winning drive of 345 yards. Meanwhile, Jim Waldron won the Men’s Open with a drive of 367 yards. 

The Xtreme Long Drive World Championship is the fourth and final event in the 2021 XLD World Challenge Series, bringing the season to an end. The 2021 CLD Leagues included three new divisions including Seniors (50+), Super Seniors (55+), and Legends (60+) in addition to the typical Masters Division (45+) as well as Men’s and Women’s Opens. 

The championship took place Sunday, the 19th, at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club in Chicago, IL and featured amateur and professional golfers from around the world. Of 152 registrations, 88 players were amateurs and 64 were professionals, pitting new players against some of the sport’s most experienced veterans. 

Both the Women’s and Men’s Opens were won by Alaskans: Kanani Lodge and Jim Waldron, respectively. On Instagram, Waldron thanked Krank Golf for their support and congratulated runner-up Martin Borgmeier. Waldron also congratulated his girlfriend Mary Driscol, who placed second in the Women’s division. Mike Bauman of Ohio won first place in the Masters Division with a drive of 334 yards. David Mobley, who has appeared in over twenty REMAX World Championships, swept the Seniors and Super Seniors Divisions with 316-yard and 304-yard drives. Daniel Fournier from Canada took first place in the Legends Division with a drive of 260 yards. 

The XLD World Challenge Series started in February with the Suncoast World Challenge and then featured the Crush the Canyon World Shootout in April and Balloon Fiesta World Open in June. Each event brought some of the best long drivers together at world-class venues for friendly competition.

XLD World Champions:

Open Women: Kanani Lodge (Alaska), 345 yds

Open Men: Jim Waldron (Arizona), 367 yds

Legends: Daniel Fournier (Canada), 260 yds

Super Seniors: David Mobley (Florida), 304 yds

Seniors: David Mobley (Florida), 316 yds

Masters: Mike Bauman (Ohio), 334 yds