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Why You Need Custom Fitted Golf Clubs

January 14, 2022

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For starters, golf is a difficult game to play. Whether you’ve been hacking your way around the course for a while or have just decided to take up the sport, it can get easier but you must develop an understanding and respect for the game. To hit a golf ball with some degree of perfection, requires that you develop the muscle memory to smoothly rotate sections of your body in an almost robotic fashion for hours. That alone would be stressful enough, but most golf courses have constantly varying terrain to challenge your balance and coordination. Although anyone can occasionally make a shot, it is smart to get help in fine-tuning the technical aspects and start enjoying the game more now.

What is unique to the sport is that golf does not allow the player the luxury of repetition and what repetition there is can be separated by long periods of time. On any given hole, you may have a shot that requires the utmost timing and power followed by a shot that calls for touch and finesse. If every shot you played was hit from a flat stance on freshly mown grass, it would require far less skills or perfection from your clubs. Unfortunately, that’s almost never the case. Since the golf ball generally has to be hit from the exact spot it came to rest, you may not be able to see the whole ball due to the blades of grass. Moreover, the lie of the golf ball can easily be above or below the level of your feet creating a tricky incline. To add to the challenges already mentioned, consider the effect of weather variables like gusting winds or rain.

Sounds like you could use all the help you can get…

The whole idea behind getting your clubs custom fitted is to give you a better overall swing experience by ensuring your woods and irons match the dynamics of your body. After all, improving your chance of making solid contact and hitting the ball straighter is what having fun and enjoying the game is all about. While beginners often humbly claim that they are not good enough at the sport to be concerned with custom fitting every club in his or her bag, poorly matched clubs actually prevent them from developing the correct form by causing them to practice overcompensating on course and at the practice range. Playing with a custom fitted driver, woods, and irons means you are more likely to make better contact by making the most of the tools in your bag. By tightening your shot dispersion, custom golf clubs allow you to hit shots farther and more accurately. So, the higher your handicap, the more important it is to get a proper fit.

Maximizing How Far and Straight Mishits Go

Recreational golfers are often bombarded with advice, such as your grip is too strong or keep your elbow tucked, and may hear "your game is not good enough to invest in a custom fitting." Nonetheless, we have already discussed how a player’s chances of hitting the ball on center increases when they are playing custom fitted golf clubs. So obviously, it is a misconception to think a Sunday golfer cannot benefit greatly from a professional fitting. Regardless of your playing ability, the experienced club fitters at Krank Golf can make sure you have the right equipment in your bag, including sticks with the best lie angle, shaft stiffness, and grip size to benefit your game. When your clubs fit you, you’re going to feel more comfortable every time you address the ball.

Here at Krank Golf, our engineering team starts where you do. Driving the ball longer and straighter off the first tee is crucial and selecting the driver that best suits your game is where we begin. According to president and founder Lance Reeder, casual golfers often leave 50 yards in their bag because they do not trust their driver and habitually grab a hybrid or talk themselves into hitting an iron off the tee box. “It is ridiculous that golfers with a slower swing speed or a super slow swing speed is not allowed to enjoy the game and experience the same face spring effect of today’s professional golfer,” says Reeder. That’s why Krank Golf lets you select the clubhead that best suits your swing, so you enjoy the game more. Visit us online to check out the discounts being offered by Krank Golf and start hitting a driver with exact lofting, precise lie angles, and a clubface that has been micro milled to maximize its spring effect.