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Why Match Driver Face Thickness to Your Swing?

July 13, 2022

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“Golfers with a slower swing speed should not be forced to hit the same driver face thickness as golfers with much faster swing speeds,” says Lance Reader the president of Krank Golf. “It is simple science. The face of your driver is like a trampoline, but only if you have the proper face thickness for your swing speed.”

Here at Krank Golf, we remain fully committed to making sure all golfers are rewarded with a fair driver face spring effect that matches his or her clubhead speed. That’s why every Formula FIRE driver, regardless of skill level, is rated for a specific swing. Any golfer in a given swing speed (or average driving distance) range can be hitting the driver they need to take full advantage of today’s golf club technology.

A correctly configured driver can add significant distance for any swing speed, especially the medium to slower swing speed golfers. They are the ones who are hurt the most from companies who manufacture drivers with only one driver face spring effect. Our custom fitting guidelines match your swing to the proper face thickness, so you can maximize your distance off the tee box. To learn more, check out our Driver Fitting Tool.

How to Select Your Formula Fire Driver

Since most golfers know their average driving distance, Krank uses average driving distance rather than swing speed to help you select the proper driver face thickness. Simply choose the Zone that matches your average driving distance and you will be selecting the Formula Fire Driver that takes full advantage of your swing dynamics, such as:

Formula Fire Pro – The Formula FIRE PRO Driver is USGA Conforming. The Fire Pro is 100% handmade, deep cupped faced forged and rated for swing speeds of 105mph and higher. If you are a competitive golfer who competes in professional or elite amateur competitions, you have to hit a driver on the USGA Driver Conforming List regardless of your swing speed and would choose this driver.

Formula Fire LD – Krank Golf manufacturers the only adjustable super hardened beta titanium cupped face forged driver in the world today.  That might mean nothing to you, but it should.  It’s the reason Krank Golf dominated Long Drive with 26 World Long Drive Championships. Extra distance comes from our deep cupped face FIRE LD design and the remarkable metals we use.

Formula Fire X HIGH-COR – The Formula FIRE X HIGH-COR/HIGH CT driver is 100% handmade, cupped faced forged and is rated for swing speeds between 105 and 85mph or an average driving distance of 260 to 200 yards. We do not cast drivers and Krank Golf is the only golf manufacturer that makes 3 different driver-face thicknesses. The Fire X HIGH-COR driver has a middle face thickness.     

Formula Fire XX Super HIGH-COR – The New Formula FIRE XX SUPER HIGH-COR/HIGH CT driver is handcrafted with a cupped faced forged and is rated for swing speeds of 80mph and lower (or average driving distance of 200 yards or less). Our metal is significantly harder than virtually any other driver on the planet and we use only the highest-grade beta titanium. Enjoy the next evolution distance with a Krank Formula FIRE XX driver.

Krank increased the CT (spring effect values) in the FIRE X driver to 340 CT and in the FIRE XX Driver to 400 CT. Using precise CNC micro milling, the deep cupped face is made thinner, which ensures an increased ball speed. They also changed the shape of the bottom of the driver by lowering the center section and raising the center of gravity by 10 Millimeters for a significant reduction in distance-robbing ball spin. Additional louvering on the top and bottom of the Formula Fire driver increases the energy transfer back to the ball quicker and more efficiently.

Extreme Driver Performance for Over Two Decades


Virtually every driver manufacturer today builds drivers with one face thickness for all swing speeds, all ages, and both sexes. Well, those days are over. If you want to gain 20 to 40 more yards off the tee box, Krank Golf is the only golf company in the world today that can make that happen. At Krank, we don’t build irons, wedges, or putters; we specialize in extreme driver performance with both USGA Conforming and High COR/CT clubheads.

Krank Golf drivers (including all FORMULA FIRE models) are some of the straightest hitting drivers on the planet. If you own a Formula 11 Driver, you already know our dual-weight port system lessens the angular spin to reduce the curve of the ball. So, you can average 20 to 40 more yards depending on how much roll you get on the golf course you play on.  Truth is, we are adding ball speed and reducing ball spin and that equals longer, straighter drives. 

For over twenty-one years, we have continued to push the boundaries of what makes a driver hit straighter and longer down a local fairway as well as on the professional long drive grid. From 26 World Long Drive Championships to making the undisputed longest hitting drivers for the medium to slower swing speed golfers, Krank has every golfer, of every age and every swing speed covered. It is not magic; it is pure science.

Krank drivers increase face trampoline effect, which is especially important for the middle and slower swing speeds. Wherever you are playing your next round of golf, let the pros at Krank Golf add the distance and accuracy you need. To schedule a custom fitting and start designing the driver that is right for your swing,  click here now, and stop giving away distance off the tee.