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What Driver Should a Senior Golfer Hit?

May 25, 2021

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No, you don’t have double vision (or triple vision), but you are looking at one of the top senior golfers to ever pick up a driver. Three-time world champion, David Mobley has been entertaining fans for decades and has appeared over two dozen times in the long drive championship finals. At a RE/MAX World Championship event, Mobley set a record in the senior division with a drive of 459 yards. More importantly, David Mobley has been labeled the “People’s Champion” for good reason. This outgoing pro golfer has devoted a lifetime of bringing enjoyment, excitement, and fun to golf fans through hundreds of corporate golf events where his joyful presence helped to raise millions for charitable causes. The founder of Mob Golf launched “Driving for a Better World” to help communities raise money while having fun in the process. With participants, corporate sponsors, and locals pledging a dollar per mile at charitable events, Mobley’s collective yards from competitive drives are converted into miles and the money collected is donated to benefit named charities.

Why Does Mobley Not Hit a 3 Wood Off the Box?

If you are looking for a technological advantage off the tee, consider this; David Mobley just won the Masters Division, the Seniors Division, and Super Seniors Division (pictured above) at Crush the Canyon using a Krank Formula 11X Driver. Fun-loving and always a crowd pleaser, Mobley relied on the Driver of Champions to “Krank It Up” at the second World Challenge Series event for Jeff Crittenden’s 2021 Xtreme Long Drive Tour held at Mesquite Sports Complex last month. But, why did Mobley decide to not hit a 3-wood or a hybrid off the tee box like many seniors do every day? “Thirty yards,” says Lance Reeder President of Krank Golf. “That’s how much distance the average senior golfer leaves in the bag because their driver doesn’t take full advantage of today’s golf club technology.” According to Reeder, the face of virtually ever driver sold today has a spring effect rated for a 115 to 120 mph swing speed. “To maximize the club’s spring effect and get the optimal distance off the tee, requires a swing speed above what most golfers can achieve,” Reeder explained. “In fact, 99% of all the drivers in the world require a swing speed that makes them difficult, if not impossible, for the average golfer to hit as far as they deserve.”

Krank’s Swing Speed Secret for Consistent Distance

Obviously David Mobley is still one of golf’s biggest hitters, but the secret to unlock distance for your game, has nothing to do with increasing your swing speed. That’s takes professional instruction and endless hours of hitting buckets of balls on the range. The more logical solution, so you too can go long off the tee and improve your chance of carding the winning round, is to embrace the technology. If your swing speed is under 110 mph and you want to absolutely maximize your distance off the tee box, and don't care if the driver you hit conforms to USGA rules for spring effect, the Krank Formula 11 series driver with High-COR Technology can add 20 to 40 yards to your drive. The simple truth is most golfers, especially older golfers, want to enjoy the time they spend with friends on the course. More importantly, with a swing speed of 60 to 90 mph, adding controllable distance of 20 yards or more down the fairway is a really big deal; but, not at all a new concept. Twenty years ago, Arnold Palmer shocked the golfing world when he endorsed the idea that recreational golfers should worry less about USGA-conforming clubs and focus more on enjoying the game.

If you are tired of leaving hundreds of yards in your bag and are interested in understanding why Krank Drivers hit longer and straighter than any other driver, click here to select the driver that matches your swing speed.