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Too Many Thoughts Can Kill Your Swing

January 23, 2023

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A golf swing is a complex mental process that requires a good deal of concentration and focus. It starts with an understanding of swing fundamentals coupled with an ability to visualize the ball flight and a strong desire to hit the ball correctly. 

“The game of golf is 80% mental, 10% ability, and 10% luck” is a popular quote attributed to Jack Nicklaus one of the greatest ball strikers in the history of the game. Ironically, having too many thoughts can interfere with a golf swing. When a golfer is overthinking their swing, they may become overwhelmed mid-swing by the flow of information between their ears.

As you may have already learned, being distracted during the mechanics of a golf swing can lead to unwanted results. Overthinking also creates increased tension in your body and hands, which can further inhibit a successful golf swing. So, it is important to stay focused on the fundamentals of your swing and not allow your mind to wander. Developing good mental skills can help a golfer be more consistent in his or her swing while improving their score and ultimately allowing them to have more fun on the course.

Tips for Mastering the Mental Side

Unlike many stick-n-ball sports, there is not an optimal shape, size or strength that provides a unique advantage for today’s golfer. That’s because the physics of the game is not natural and requires both visualization and practice. Listed below are tips for improving your swing mechanics:

1. Visualize the perfect swing before you initiate yours.

2. Take a deep breath to relax your body and mind.

3. Stay focused on the task at hand.

4. Keep your head down and eyes focused on the ball.

5. Relax to keep your body loose and relaxed.

6. Swing through the ball in a smooth fluid motion.

7. Focus on swinging your club in a straight line.

8. Make sure to follow through on your swing.

9. Visualize the ball correctly flying off the tee.

The golf swing is difficult because it requires a complex combination of physical and mental coordination in a precise sequence of movements performed in a split second. This includes a proper grip, body alignment, posture, and timing of the swing. The slightest mistake can cause mishits and unwanted results. Accept the fact that it will take time, practice, and dedication to perfect your swing.

Are You Hitting the Right Driver for Your Swing?

Regardless of your mental and physical expertise, every round of golf played will present you with numerous challenges that starts on the first tee box. Getting the maximum distance with a driver requires a strong mental focus to maintain balance and control the most important club in your golf bag. But no matter where you play or how well you score, if you are swinging the wrong driver, chances are you are leaving strokes on the course every time you play.

“Golf starts off the tee box not from the green, so don’t ruin your round,” says Lance Reader, the founder and president of Krank Golf.

Since your driver is the club that has the least amount of loft and the longest shaft, it is most important that it matches your swing. Krank drivers increase face trampoline effect, which is especially important for the middle and slower swing speeds. Most often, a poor tee box performance is due to swinging the wrong golf club. When you book a custom fitting with one of our driving professionals, we will ask specific questions about your swing as well as the results you’ve been getting.

Visit us online to check out the discounts being offered by Krank Golf and start hitting a driver with exact lofting, precise lie angles, and a clubface that has been micro milled to maximize the spring effect for your swing speed. To schedule a custom fitting with a pro, click here now and start designing a driver that’s right for your swing.