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Tips for Driving Accuracy & Distance

May 1, 2023

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As we have discussed in previous Krank Golf blogs, the longest drives off the tee box result from the fastest ball speed with a low spin rate and high launch angle. However, statements alone often results in a recreational golfer trying to kill the ball on the practice range by swinging harder and faster.

Unfortunately, with such an ill-conceived approach, more often than not the golfer ends up producing more errant shots with fewer golf balls contacted in the center of the driver’s clubface.

No doubt muscle strength is an important component of the golf swing. Whereas hitting the gym for bench presses, shoulder raises, squat thrusts, jumping jacks and abdominal crunches may help to generate power, few recreational golfers will ever make time for such an aggressive workout routine.

What’s your natural swing speed?

So the truth is, the clubhead speed at your last outing is likely your natural swing speed. It’s also the swing that you will likely be using on the tee box during your next round of golf. But read on, because we’ve got some tips to help with your driving accuracy and distance that you might not know about.

“Here’s the problem,” says Lance Reader, the founder of Krank Golf, “only one percent of golfers swing a club 115 mph or faster; and unless you do, you are not taking full advantage of the latest driver technology.”

The United States Golf Association (USGA) has established a maximum spring effect for the face of metal drivers. If you play in a sanctioned event, the driver you use must be included on the list of USGA Conforming Driver Heads. And, that’s why 99% of the drivers manufactured around the world are built to strict spring effect limitations.

How to Match a Driver to Your Swing

At Krank Golf, we’ve made it our mission to make sure all golfers can custom build a driver, so he or she is rewarded with the driver face spring effect that matches their swing speed and game. When a driver is correctly configured for a recreational golfer, it can add significant distance off the tee regardless of skill set or club speed.

“Golfers with a slower swing speed should not be forced to hit the same driver face thickness as golfers with much faster swing speeds,” Reader explains. “It is simple science. The face of your driver is like a trampoline, but only if you have the proper face thickness for your swing speed.”

To level the playing field, Krank’s fitting guidelines match your swing to the proper face thickness so you can achieve maximum distance. Since golfers of all skill levels tend to know their average driving distance, we use that measure rather than swing speed to help you select the correct face thickness. To learn more, check out our Driver Fitting Tool.

Increased Yardage Depends on You

There’s no magic bullet that will allow you to hit the ball 300 yards. Your distance and accuracy off the tee depends just as much on you as it does the club. For example, hitting up on the ball with the driver launches the ball higher. Even though the spin rate stays about the same, the new swing plan allows the ball to go further. Simple swing mechanics like teeing the ball off your left heel can help.

It never hurts to take a lesson to make sure you have a comfortable setup that allows you to stay well balanced throughout the swing. Once you’ve cleaned up the basic mechanics, it’s time to purchase a custom-fitted driver personalized to take full advantage of your natural swing speed. Once you are hitting a driver with the right spring effect, you can anticipate performance gains in distance and accuracy.

As you might guess, most recreational golfers are not bombing 300-yard drives just because of adding newer technology to their bag. But, the higher your handicap, the more improvement you can expect to see. So if you want to stop giving up distance by hitting the ball farther off the tee, now is the time to speak with a custom fitter who can personalize a driver to suit your swing’s exact needs.

Delivering Top Driver Performance for Decades

If you need to gain 25 yards or more off the tee box, Krank Golf is the only company in the world today that can make that happen. Here at Krank, we don’t build irons, wedges, or putters – we specialize in extreme driver performance with both USGA conforming drivers for low-handicappers and High COR/CT clubheads for recreational golfers who just want to have more fun. So, pick a driver that takes advantage of your swing dynamics, such as:

Formula Fire Pro – The Formula FIRE PRO Driver is USGA conforming and rated for swing speeds of 105mph and higher. If you are a competitive golfer, you have to hit a driver on the USGA Driver Conforming List regardless of your swing speed and should be hitting this driver.

Formula Fire LD – Krank Golf manufacturers the only super hardened beta titanium cupped-face forged driver. It’s the reason Krank Golf dominated Long Drive with 26 World Long Drive Championships. Extra distance comes from our precision milled face and the remarkable metals we use.

Formula Fire X HIGH-COR – The Formula FIRE X HIGH-COR/HIGH CT driver is 100% handmade with a cupped face that is rated for an average driving distance of 200 to 260 yards (swing speeds between 85 and 105mph). The Fire X HIGH-COR driver has a middle face thickness.    

Formula Fire XX Super HIGH-COR – The New Formula FIRE XX SUPER HIGH-COR/HIGH CT driver is handcrafted with a cupped faced forged and is rated for swing speeds of 80mph and lower (driving distance of 200 yards or less). Enjoy the next evolution distance with a Krank Formula FIRE XX driver.

For over twenty years, Krank has continued to push the boundaries of what makes a driver hit straighter and longer. From 26 World Long Drive Championships to making the undisputed longest hitting drivers for medium to slower swing speed golfers, Krank has every swing speed covered. It is not magic; it is pure science. Our complete line of Formula Fire Drivers are adding ball speed and reducing spin for longer, straighter drives.

Krank drivers increase face trampoline effect, which is most important for middle and slower swing speeds. Wherever you are playing your next round of golf, the pros at Krank Golf can boost your performance. Stop giving away distance off the tee – schedule a custom fitting to build a driver that matches your swing.