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The Secret to Improving Your Driving Distance

April 11, 2022

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Here’s the problem,” says Lance Reader, the founder of Krank Golf, “only one percent of golfers swing a club 115 mph or faster; and unless you do, you are not taking full advantage of the latest driver technology.”

So, does that mean the rest of us have to play round after round with such an unfair reality?

Well, yes and no. If you’re playing in USGA-sanctioned tournaments, yes. If you are just teeing it up with friends for a recreational round of golf, the answer is no. Since today’s professional golfers and low-handicap amateurs are driving the ball past the landing area that was intended for many of today’s golf courses, both the United States Golf Association have established a maximum spring effect for the face of metal drivers. That is why 99% of the drivers made in the world are manufactured using these strict spring effect limitations. So, if you play in a sanctioned event, the driver you use must be included on the USGA Conforming Driver list.

Unfortunately, as unfair as it might seem, it is the rules established by golf’s governing bodies for competing in sanctioned events. Moreover, Krank Golf subscribes to the rules of golf when competing in tournaments and have manufactured drivers that have been on the USGA Conforming Driver list from the very first club we built. But, in recent years, even some of the world’s most beloved professionals have expressed opinions as to the differences that exist between playing sanctioned events and enjoying a round of recreational golf.

What Is Recreational Golf?

While golf purist will always see non-conforming equipment as taboo, ensuring weekend players enjoy their round of golf must be equally as important for the future of the sport. Since non-conforming drivers can offer a more dynamic launch, trying to hit most of the drivers made today is no different that trying to play a round with your grandfather’s steel-shafted blades and persimmon-head woods. A disparity that even caught the attention of the late, great Arnold Palmer, who advocated that a better understanding of recreational golf was needed to keep the average golfer coming back to the course.

There is no reason that USGA-sanctioned events cannot be strictly enforced while the everyday golfer enjoys golf as a recreational activity. As golfers at all levels know, how you get off the tee box is a prime factor in determining how well you score. At Krank Golf, we know the secret to improving your driving distance and we don’t believe golfers whose clubhead speed is under 115 mph should be penalized. In fact, to maximize the fun and enjoyment, every recreational golfer should be able to choose the face spring effect that matches his or her swing. As for the one percent that compete in sanctioned events, they should use a Krank driver listed as USGA conforming. Those are the rules!

Don’t Be Bullied by Golf Purists

Whether you’ve been whacking your way around the course for years or have just taken up the sport, golf is a difficult game to master. Unfortunately, there are golf purists perched to inject spiteful comments at almost every golf course in America. However, if they choose to hit a mulligan off the first tee or carry a couple of extra putters in their bag, they are not playing by the strict rules of golf. So, don’t be bullied by these hypocritical experts. The majority of golf played today is played by group rules with side bets for things like “sandies” and “greenies”. Once you decide to play in a sanctioned event, then bite the bullet.

If you play golf for fun, it might be time to Krank It Up a notch. As already mentioned, our philosophy is to build a driver that doesn’t penalize your swing speed and adds to your enjoyment of every round played. It is much more rewarding to experience the face spring effect that benefits your swing… just like professionals with a faster clubhead speed get to do. Regardless of what you previous thought about what it legal, it is far more important for a recreational golfer (male or female) to enjoy their round and continue to support the game. For more serious tournament golfers, Krank Golf can custom-build a driver for them, too.

Krank Golf Matches Your Swing to Your Driver


A few years ago, Golf Digest studied how a broad range of golfers hit their drivers and concluded that the average golfer was not taking full advantage of the game’s increasingly sophisticated technology; and Krank Golf is the only company in the world today that matches swing speed to the face thickness of our remarkable metal drivers. That way, everyone is able to play a driver with a face that matches their swing speed to maximize his or her day on the links. For more serious tournament golfers, low-handicap amateurs and up to a player on the Professional Long Drive Tour, Krank custom-builds drivers for them as well.

Krank’s ultra-hardened beta titanium X2 driver is micro milled and forged into a cupped shape that optimizes the face surface area for maximum spring effect. In addition, the Formula XX EXTREME driver resists face flattening better than any other driver made. Since controlling body compression at impact is crucial for consistently hitting the ball with faster ball speed off the tee, Krank added louvers on the toe and heel of the sole plate to improve the results for off center shots. Isn’t it about time that you put a driver in your bag with the exact lofting, face angle and lie that has been custom-crafted for your swing?

To learn more about the secret to improving your driving distance and start shattering your expectations off the tee box, contact Krank Golf today and don’t forget to take advantage of our special coupon code at checkout.