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Optimize Your Time on the Driving Range

November 1, 2023

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If you’ve ever stood behind the hedges at a driving range watching professional golfers work on their craft, it probably looked a lot different than warmup for the Wednesday Blitz at your home course. The chaotic lineup of golfers hacking their way through a bucket a range balls is replaced with a calm sense of purpose.

The fact is every seasoned golfer whether they are a world-class long driver or a PGA Tour Pro has paid their dues in learning the proper driving range etiquette. Instead of engaging in a windswept attempt at warming up on the way to the first tee box, there is a purposeful routine that progresses to a confident crescendo.

Gradually increasing the intensity, the professional golfer calmly works his or her way through a pyramid of range balls with each swing intended to advance their shot down a mental fairway toward a virtual flagstick. Moreover, the low-handicapper spends equal amounts of time on all the critical shots of the game.

Unfortunately most recreational golfers just swing away without a picture in mind and without knowing where they are aiming. Although it may be thrilling just to make solid contact with the ball, their effort won’t transfer to the course until they become more mindful about the time they spend on the practice range. By taking time to simply align each range ball, it can pay big dividends on the course.

Course Management on the Range

Chances are your driving range is long, wide, and somewhat boring. However, improving your golf game has a lot to do with developing visualization skills. The more visualization is deliberately practiced, the sooner the skill set will become automatic on the range and on the course. Low-handicap golfers most often appear to be calm and in control on the practice range. So what’s going on in their head? They are simply using their mind’s eye to visualize their shot.

After hitting a couple dozen balls to warm up, better players like to visualize playing the opening holes of a round on the practice range. Once you have the image of the first tee box in your mind, it is a perfect time to practice your set up routine. Golf requires a methodical approach and nothing is more important than developing a good routine that allows you to relax and adjust your feet and posture in correct alignment with the ball.

Adding quality to your range game will help in taking what you are working on improving directly to the course. For example, understanding the carry and total distance of shots on the practice range will make club choices and shot shaping easier, so practice allows you to take your best game to the course. If you practice playing the game on the driving range, you’ll understand your golf game much better and will be able to make the best of every shot.

Take a Closer Look at the Krank Fire Driver

Golf club manufacturing has come a long way since the industrial era. Design engineers today understand the delicate balance of both the art and science. Krank Formula Fire clubheads are drop forged using progressive dies and precision milling processes to optimize the spring effect and add value to your game. Using high-quality materials, including composites and metal alloys, we can create a driver personalized to your needs.

At Krank Golf, we don’t just talk the talk. We have 26 Professional Long Drive World Championships under our belt. To back that up, we recently custom built a (USGA-conforming) Krank Formula Fire LD head with 6 degrees of loft for Bryson DeChambeau, who shot a tournament-winning round of 58 at the Greenbrier LIV Invitational. But regardless of your skill level or handicap, Krank Golf is here to help you improve your game.

While recreational golfers may not be hitting 300-yard drives by simply adding new technology to their bag, the higher your handicap – the more improvement you can expect to see. At Krank Golf, we believe that every golfer should have the opportunity to custom-build a driver that matches his or her swing speed and game. So, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, we can help you find the perfect fit to improve your score.


To level the playing field, Krank’s fitting guidelines match your swing to the proper face thickness so you can achieve maximum distance. Since golfers of all skill levels tend to know their average driving distance, we use that metric rather than swing speed to help you select the correct face thickness. To learn more, check out our Driver Fitting Tool. It only takes a few minutes to submit your swing details and you will receive a prompt response from club technician at Krank Golf who can assist in answering your questions about our USGA-conforming Formula Fire Pro and Formula Fire High COR drivers.