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Make the Holidays Merry with a Formula Fire Driver

December 5, 2023

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Are you thinking about a new driver for that special golfer in your life? Unless you regularly caddy for them or are that golfer, you might think it would be little tricky to find the right club. But, the pros at Krank Golf have you covered. We make sure the right Fire Driver is delivered directly to your doorsteps, so you can light up his or her game for every round played in the New Year.

Krank Golf makes finding the perfect gift for your golfer easier than ever before. We take the stress out of Holiday shopping. That’s because golfers at every level can benefit from the added distance and accuracy produced by Krank’s precision engineering and attention to detail. Our drivers are forged from ultra hardened Beta-Titanium X2 and micro milled for maximum spring effect.

Tranquility is something every golfer hopes to achieve but staying calm enroute to the first tee box can be difficult when you’re dreading that first shot of the day with an ill-fitted driver. According to Lance Reeder, the founder of Krank Golf, only one percent of golfers can swing a club 115 mph or faster, which means they cannot take full advantage of the latest clubhead technology.

Although Christmas is just around the corner, Krank Golf can design and build the perfect gift for any level golfer from the newbie that’s just taken up the game to a Tour-level professional. We understand that golfers can be particular about the equipment they use, but with the Krank Driver Fitting Tool and our decades of experience, we make it easy to shop for clubs.

It is not magic; it is pure science...

Krank Golf is the only driver manufacturer that makes the same driver clubhead in three different face thicknesses for maximum spring effect (or CT). Using a CNC micro-milling machine, the deep-cupped driver face is machined thinner to ensure better ball speed. The Formula Fire X Driver has an optimal 340 CT and we increased the Formula Fire XX Driver to 400 CT.

In addition, we increased the louvering on the bottom and top of the Fire driver to increase the energy transfer back to the ball more efficiently. By lowering the center section and changing the shape of the bottom, we raised the center of gravity by 10 mm for a significant reduction in ball spin. The bottom weight placement was relocated for better accuracy and spin control.

If your golfer already owns a Formula 11 Driver, they already know Krank drivers are the straightest hitting drivers on the planet. All Formula Fire Drivers have a dual-weight port system that reduces angular/lateral curve of the ball. Just square the face of a Krank driver to the target and fire away for longer, straighter results that find more fairways every round.

Formula Fire Drivers for Distance & Accuracy

Since Krank doesn’t build irons, wedges, or putters, our focus is 100% about extreme driver performance. Our USGA-conforming drivers are a perfect choice for low-handicappers and the High COR/CT clubheads were specifically developed for recreational golfers who just want to have more fun. So, we build the driver that takes advantage of each golfer’s swing dynamics, including the:

Formula Fire Pro – The Formula FIRE PRO Driver is USGA-conforming and rated for swing speeds of 105mph and higher. A tournament golfer must hit a driver that is included on the USGA Driver Conforming List. So, regardless of his or her swing speed, this is the driver they should be hitting.

Formula Fire LD – Krank Golf manufacturers the only super hardened beta titanium cupped-face forged driver. It’s the reason Krank Golf dominated Pro Long Drive with 26 World Long Drive Championships. Extra distance comes from our precision milled face and the remarkable metals we use.

Formula Fire X HIGH-COR – The Formula FIRE X HIGH-COR/HIGH CT driver is 100% handmade with a micro-milled cupped face that is rated for an average driving distance of 200 to 260 yards (swing speeds between 85 and 105mph). The Fire X HIGH-COR driver has a middle face thickness.    

Formula Fire XX Super HIGH-COR – The New Formula FIRE XX SUPER HIGH-COR/HIGH CT driver is handcrafted with a cupped faced forged and is rated for swing speeds of 80mph and lower (driving distance of 200 yards or less). Enjoy the next evolution distance with a Krank Formula FIRE XX driver.

For over twenty years, Krank has continued to push the boundaries of what makes a driver hit straighter and longer. From building a Formula Fire LD that Bryson DeChambeau used to shoot 58 at Greenbrier to making the undisputed longest hitting drivers for medium to slower swing speed golfers, Krank has every swing speed covered. Our complete line of Formula Fire Drivers are adding ball speed and reducing spin for longer, straighter drives.


Krank drivers have an optimal face trampoline effect for golfers with middle and slower swing speeds. So, wherever your golfer tees it up for his or her next round of golf, a Formula Fire Driver can boost their performance. Be the reason why they stop giving away distance off the tee. Schedule a custom fitting to build a driver that more accurately matches your golfer’s swing dynamics.