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How to Pick the Right Driver for Your Game

July 22, 2021

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The driver is the first club out of the bag, and nothing sets the tone for the rest of your round like splitting the fairway off the opening tee box. Unfortunately, as you are sticking your tee in the ground, your confidence is already starting to waver. After all, the last ball that you mishit with this club ended up out-of-bounds. What’s more, your driver didn’t feel that good on the range warming up this morning. So, how do you get rid of all the thoughts racing through your head while you’re taking your practice swing? Fact is, you don’t. If you are that overwhelmed about the driver you are currently trying to hit, you can rest assured that you did not pick the right driver for your game.

Don’t Poke That 3-Wood…

We’ve all been there at one time or another. The anguish you feel with a driver in your hand takes all the fun out of playing golf; then suddenly, you find yourself walking back to the cart convinced you should play it safe and poke a 3-wood off the first tee. If this sounds familiar, there is good chance that you may not fully understand the advantages of applying the latest golf club technology to playing golf with your friends. The professional golfers that you idealize do NOT spend endless hours on the driving range adjusting their swing dynamics to fit the clubs in their bag. That’s because it takes the keen eyes and years of experience that their hitting coach provides to make even the smallest swing changes. What they do is simple... adjust the club to fit their swing.

Eliminate Decision Paralysis to Make Golf Fun Again

It’s time to face the facts. You are never going to have unshakeable confidence standing on the tee until you find the right driver for your game. Moreover, every time you talk yourself into hitting a hybrid or long iron you will be losing 30 to 50 yards off the box. If you are growing tired of getting beat on the links week-after-week, then make a commitment to hit your driver on all of the holes where a driver is the preferred club. That way you know what you should hit on every tee box and can eliminate the "stinking thinking" that comes with having to make unnecessary decisions. Plus, thanks to the wealth of new technologies, the right driver will get you more distance, and sometimes, even after a severe mishit. Once you know all the factors that go into picking the best driver, you will be ready for a custom fitting online.

Discover the Secret to Driving Distance & Accuracy

“Here is the biggest secret and the most misunderstood issue in the game of golf today,” says Lance Reeder President of Krank Golf. “Virtually every normal driver is rated for a 115 to 120 mph swing speed, which severely limits the spring effect and distance for the average golfer.”  Moreover, since the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club (R&A) have mandated strict spring effect limitations on drivers used in USGA and R&A sanctioned golf events, a majority of the drivers manufactured worldwide don’t match an average golfer’s swing. To play in a sanctioned event, the driver must be on the USGA Conforming Driver List. But when was the last time you teed up your 3-wood playing in a sanctioned event?

Video Demonstrations and Discussions

Before you get started designing a driver, let Lance Reeder explain the science behind one of golf’s most innovative companies. You can learn more about all of the latest technology by visiting our MEDIA page for immediate access to a series of custom-fitting videos posted on Krank Golf's YouTube channel:

  • Science Behind a Custom Driver
  • Women’s Distance Driving
  • New Formula 11 Series Drivers
  • Adapter for Formula X & Double X Drivers
  • The Double X EXTREME Driver

Here at Krank Golf we understand the importance of being fitted properly and getting all the support you need to feel confident stepping up to the tee. That's why we provide one-on-one personal assistance, so the Krank driver you choose is the right addition to your bag.

Due to the overwhelming interest in the launch of our new drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, we highly recommend scheduling an uninterrupted, no-obligation call with our fitting specialists. It will be the best 15 minute investment you could possibly make for your game. More importantly, with a swing speed of 60 to 90 mph, adding controllable distance of 20 yards or more down the fairway could be a really big deal for your game. After all, it is your driver that builds confidence on the first tee, and a fairway splitting drive that puts you in position to post lower scores for the rest of your round.

If you are tired of leaving hundreds of yards in your bag, the right Krank driver will allow you to hit the ball farther off the tee box and straighter down the fairway. To schedule a custom fitting and start designing the driver that is right for your swing,  click here now, and stop giving away distance off the tee.