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How to Beat a Heatwave on Course

August 2, 2023

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Whether you believe Global Warming is here or not, it is Hot!

But unless green keepers close the course, nothing is going to keep most golfers away. On the flip side, there will be less effort needed to warm up your body. However, excessive heat can quickly become a threat to a golfer’s health at any age and any skill level.

Healthcare experts warn to not try to be a hero. When playing a round during a summer heatwave, protect yourself with good decisions. Even though you may regularly walk toting your own bag, consider taking some weight off and use a golf cart or caddie. Lessening the physical load on your body will help you stay hydrated to lessen the energy zap.

Always be mindful of how the heat is impacting your performance during your round. On a hot August day, don’t be afraid to take shelter similar to what you would do when playing a round in the rain. Moreover, there’s nothing wrong with playing the front nine and saving the back for another day. Since most of us do not have access to a caddie to hold the umbrella, it is critical to adopt safe practices for playing golf in blistering heat. Serious health problems can quickly ruin a round, and just like playing in extreme cold, you are more susceptible to weather-related injuries.

High Temps Forecasted from Coast-to-Coast

It appears that in many parts of the country you can expect to see temps in the triple digits. If so, don’t forget to seek shade. On most treeless courses, pop-up tents are being used to provide some relief from the sun’s rays. So, as you prepare to take down your competition this month, don’t forget to follow some simple steps to help you beat the heat, such as:

Wear a Brimmed Golf Hat – Even if you prefer a visor or no hat at all, wearing a wide-brimmed golf hat in the blazing heat not only helps protect your head, face and neck from the sun’s harmful UV radiation but will also keep your body temperature lower when you are not in the shade. UV-rated sunglasses are also a smart choice anytime you’re outdoors.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – Drink water. Beer, energy drinks, sugary sodas, coffee, or mixed drinks don’t count. They can amplify the effects of dehydration. Staying hydrated on course can help prevent loss of concentration, increase thermoregulation (sweat production), and reduce your risk of orthopedic injuries. Electrolyte drinks like Pedialyte are also a good choice.

Apply Sunscreen SPF 30 or Higher – The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that golfers apply a sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 or higher anytime they are outside - and year round. More than half of the sun’s rays are infrared (a cause of heat). Sunscreens work by absorbing, reflecting, blocking or scattering the sun's rays to protect against sun damage.

Wear Moisture Wicking Clothes – Stretch-fit polo shirts with long sleeves made from breathable materials like polyester or cotton blends are perfect for hot weather rounds of golf. Moisture-wicking materials can keep you more comfortable on course without interfering with your swing. Look for a UPF material tag that states protection levels like SPF-factors do for sunscreens.

Cold Towels Can Be a Lifesaver – Stick some damp towels in the freezer overnight and drop them in your cooler. Cool towels applied to pulse points like between your wrist, inside your elbows or knees, around the nape of your neck, or against your temples deliver a noticeable cooling effect. A cheap spray bottle can provide a cool mist to lower body your body temps.

Umbrellas Offer Portable Shade – Don’t just carry your golf umbrella around for rainy days. Using an umbrella as a portable form of shade on a sunny day during extreme heat will block harmful UV rays and help to keep your body cooler. Although it may surprise you, a black umbrella absorbs sun rays, whereas lighter colors reflect some rays but allow others to pass through.

Any physical form of exercise during hot weather puts extra stress on your body and can reduce your peak performance as well as increase your risk of serious illness. Moreover, it’s not just about the air temperature as humidity creates a “feels like temperature” with a substantially higher heat index. So, high humidity during a heatwave lessens your body’s ability to cool itself.

Best Driver for Playing Golf in Hot Weather

So what driver should you be hitting off the tee box in extreme heat? Well that is an easy question to answer – a personalized Formula Fire Driver from Krank Golf. With three different driver-face thicknesses to match your swing speed and dynamics, you’ll be hitting the ball 20 to 40 yards further on every drive. Plus, there will be fewer off-the-fairway excursions searching for an errant shot. Over a round of golf, that saves a lot of energy and frustration.

We believe in simple science at Krank Golf. Recreational golfers with slower swing speeds should not be forced to hit the same driver face as that of a pro or low-handicap golfer. Driver face thickness affects what is called the trampoline effect. Men, women, and young golfers get a fairer spring effect hitting a Formula Fire driver regardless of how fast or slow their swing. This can add significant distance on every drive for those who are hurt most by unfair clubhead restrictions.

But Krank Golf didn’t stop with building a driver that’s easier to hit with a slower swing speed, we have also taken fairway wood technology to the next level. Formula Fire fairway woods utilized precision machining and super high COR design to develop the easiest club to hit for every age and every swing speed. Fact is, we don’t manufacture irons, wedges or putters. There are plenty of those at any golf store. For over two decades, we’ve focused on making woods hit straighter and longer.


Whether you know the exact driver configuration you want or feel clueless selecting golf club components to match your swing, try our FREE Swing Calculator. It only takes a few minutes to submit your swing details. Then, you will receive a prompt response from someone at Krank Golf who can assist in answering your questions.