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How High Coefficient of Restitution Affects Your Drive

October 19, 2021

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For most of us, this is a question that we’ve probably never asked ourselves. Nonetheless, it is one of those Laws of Physics that can have a huge impact on your scorecard, especially during this golden age of driver technology. Innovative club manufacturers like Krank Golf have invested considerable effort into the research & development of materials and designs that not only professional golfers can use to hit the ball straighter and further, but into understanding the level of driver customization needed for all levels of play. As a leading golf club manufacturer, the goal at Krank Golf is to push the absolute possibilities of golf driving performance by utilizing the laws of physics for coefficient of restitution (COR). Over the past two decade, Krank drivers have dominated distance hitting because each driver is built to generate faster ball speeds with better control and improved ball flight. Although our clubs were born in the sport of long drive, our passion has always been to fully understand what it takes for golfers at all levels to smash the golf ball as far as possible.

Krank Drivers are 100% Handmade... the Reasons Why!

For obvious financial reasons, most club manufacturers mass produce their drivers and each fall within very tight tolerances of one another. In other words, one-size-fits-all. That is precisely the reason that each Formula 11 Series USGA non-conforming driver is 100% handcrafted from the finest materials and using the latest technologies to develop more speed, accuracy, and distance off the tee box. Check out the special features discussed below:

  • Super-Hot Forged Beta Titanium Face – At Krank Golf, we do not cast driver heads. We only build 100% cupped-face forged drivers from super hardened pure Beta Titanium/Grade 4. Krank makes the most of every opportunity to give you a distinct advantage on the course.
  • High Coefficient of Restitution Design – The coefficient of restitution is the ratio of the relative speed between two objects after they collide. A high COR means the ball will slingshot off the face of your driver. Whereas the USGA COR limit is .830, our Formula 11 COR is .890 for less spin and more speed.
  • Maximum Energy Transfer Technology – Our exclusive maximum energy transfer (MET) technology means our drivers can release more stored energy back into the ball more efficiently than any other driver. The rigidity of our head design plays a significant role in converting stored energy into more distance.
  • Air-Flow Stabilizer Design – To minimize body deformation at impact, Krank drivers store energy forward in the head to quickly release the force back to the ball for increased ball speeds off the clubface. Correctly directing airflow over the crown also increases the speed and stability of the swing path.
  • Heel and Toe Louvers for Straighter Hits – Heel and toe louvers create extra strength to stabilize critical areas of the clubhead. Although body rigidity is an important performance feature found in all of our Krank drivers, the F11 COR driver releases the ball straighter than ever after an off-center hit.

For those golfers who prefer to spine (or pure) their shafts, Krank Golf offers a tri-sleeve adapter. You can make quick adjustments to your driver’s loft, shaft spine angle, or the positive to negative degrees of lie. A Formula 11 COR driver is the only forged cupped face adjustable driver available that allows you to make crucial adjustments in the time it takes to use a ball cleaner.

If you want to hit the golf ball farther off the tee box at any swing speed, there is only one clear choice, Krank Golf.

Find out for yourself how we have been able to dominate the world of distance hitting by creating drivers that generate faster ball speed, allow for better control, and provide a better ball flight. Moreover, our club makers understand what it takes to build a driver that performs for your swing speed while helping to correct common swing disparities. With over 150,000 drivers sold worldwide, 95% of our clubs are sold to everyday golfers just like you. Click on our chat box to have your questions answered and don’t forget to use your 25% OFF coupon code at checkout.