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How Far Should I Be Able to Hit My Driver?

February 23, 2022

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A few years ago, Golf Digest studied how a broad range of golfers hit their drivers and concluded that the average golfer was not taking full advantage of the game’s increasingly sophisticated technology. After measuring the roll-out distance of drives hit by golfers with 60 mph to 130 mph swing speeds, they concluded that you should hit the ball 2.5 to 2.7 times your clubhead speed. If not, you need a better fitting driver. When it comes to hitting the ball farther off the tee box, a lot of golfers today have realized there is more to it than just technique. In recent years, recreational golfers are starting to understand the importance of choosing a driver that can deliver maximum distance based on his or her swing speed.

The Big Secret that causes Big Problems…

If your group allows for a mulligan off the first tee, then you are not playing by USGA rules. Mulligans are not allowed under the Rules of Golf as prescribed by the USGA and Royal and Ancient Golf Club. That said, there really are no valid reasons for recreational golfers who start their round with a mulligan to worry whether or not they are hitting a driver that is included on the USGA Conforming Driver list. In fact, here lies one of the most misunderstood issues in the game of golf today. Ninety-nine percent of the drivers manufactured conform to strict “face spring effect” measures that are rated for 115 to 120 mph swing speed. Yet, only about one percent of all golfers generate a clubhead speed of 115 mph or more.

That means ninety-nine percent of golfers are forced to live with and unfair reality of hitting a golf club designed for a scratch to very-low handicap golfer.

Now, if you are going to be playing in a USGA or R&A sanctioned event, you will need to bite the bullet and use a driver that conforms to the strictest of standards. But, as you might have guessed from the recurring percentages, this is only about one percent of all the golf played in the United States. So, the vast majority of golfers play recreational golf. Most golfers never hit buckets of practice balls before and after their round. That’s why the group agrees that it is fair to allow for a mulligan off the first tee. Moreover, allowing the group to decide how to score a recreational round is in-no-way being disrespectful to the Rule of Golf. Quite the opposite. Chances are every golfer in your group is already free to choose the club to get the most enjoyment from his or her round.

Krank It Up with a Personalized Driver from Krank Golf

If you play golf for fun, then it is time to Krank It Up a notch. Our philosophy is that golfers who swing below the 115 mph mark shouldn’t be penalized just because they are a recreational golfer… quite the contrary. At Krank Golf, every recreational golfer is able to choose the proper driver with a face that matches their swing speed to optimize their day on the links. For more serious tournament golfers, low-handicap amateurs and up to a player on the Professional Long Drive Tour, we can custom-build a driver for them, too. After years of research and development, we know that when we match your swing speed to a specific face thickness, your average drive will end up 20 to 40 yards farther down the fairway than with the driver you are hitting today.

Krank Golf is the only company in the world today that matches your swing speed to the face thickness of our remarkable metal to maximize your driving distance. So, regardless of the guilt-trip about what is legal, conforming, or non-conforming some scratch golfer laid on you at the club, it is your round, and you should have fun on every tee box. It is far more important to enjoy the game and experience the "face spring effect" benefits for your swing, just like the golfers with a faster clubhead speed. Moreover, the same applies equally to any man or woman who just want to have more fun. We are fully committed to helping all swing speeds from 50 mph to 150+ mph. To start shattering your expectations off the tee box, contact Krank Golf today and don’t forget to take advantage of our special coupon code at checkout. 

NOTE: According to the Trackman Optimization Chart, if a golfer’s angle of attack is five-degrees down and his or her swing speed is 105 mph, their potential carry distance off the tee box is 260 yards.