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Hitting Worm Burners Off the Tee Box?

March 1, 2023

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Nailing your opening tee shot with a driver is a great way to set the tone for an enjoyable round of golf. On the other hand, hitting a worm burner off the tee can leave you feeling overwhelmed and your confidence takes a hit each time you fail to deliver after swinging the wrong club. 

Maybe you were feeling anxious after an errant shot at the driving range and didn't have complete confidence in your big stick. If so, it might be time to find a driver that’s better suited for your swing. Truth is the results you get with your driver is determined by how well the club matches your swing, so don’t expect negative shots to go away.

When choosing the clubs to take with you on course, there's no room for second guesses. Doing your due diligence and researching fitting options, such as the latest launch angle and spin rate technology, is the first step in building a driver that’s a perfect match to help eliminate any pre-shot jitters and improve your results.

Stop Leaving Yardage in Your Bag

An errant drive off the first tee can leave you feeling anxious and the negative thoughts that are racing through your head can lead to bad club decisions that can cost you valuable yards off the box for the rest of your round. Unfortunately, the average amateur golfer loses 30-50 yards when using a hybrid or long iron off of tee box. That's why investing in a driver that is matched to your specific swing will pay dividends with both accuracy and distance as well as provide you with peace of mind.

“Here is the biggest secret and the most misunderstood issue in the game of golf today. Virtually every driver is manufactured with a face thickness that’s rated for a 115 to 120 mph minimum swing speed, which severely limits the spring effect and distance for the average golfer.”

Lance Reeder - President of Krank Golf

Equip yourself for success. If you are growing tired of getting beat on the links week-after-week, then make a commitment to hit your driver on all of the holes where it is the preferred club. With all the new technologies available at Krank Golf, there is an easier way of finding that perfect fit while shopping online. Taking time for a no-obligation call with one of our fitting specialists will be the best 15-minute investment you could possibly make for your game.

How to Build a Driver to Match Your Swing

Swinging hard and out of control does not result in distance. Hitting a driver with maximum-energy-transfer means you can hit it longer and straighter. Formula Fire Krank Drivers and Fujikura Speeder X Shafts are the perfect match for today’s recreational golfers. Simply pick the custom-fitted driver that matches your swing dynamics and select from the options listed below:

Formula Fire X HIGH-COR DRIVER – Krank Golf is the only manufacturer that produces handmade drivers with a cupped face using precision forged technology. Our unique process produces a high-performance driver that’s ideal for swing speeds of 85mph to 105 mph. The HIGH-COR/HIGH CT has a mid-thickness face that provides optimal balance between power and control.

Formula Fire XX Super HIGH-COR DRIVER – Get ready for next-level straight driving distance with Krank's FIRE XX SUPER HIGH COR/HIGH CT driver, that's handcrafted to perfection. Made from exceptionally hard beta titanium and designed specifically for swing speeds of 80 mph or lower (for an average drive of 200 yards). Enjoy a new level of distance off the tee.

Speeder X Light Tour Shaft – Looking to get more out of your swing? Fujikura's new shaft is designed with you in mind. Constructed using graphite specifically geared towards lower swing speeds, this well-engineered design features a patented high inertia tip which releases extra power just before impact - ideal for Seniors, Ladies and Juniors.

Adjustable Tri-Sleeve Adapter – If you’ve ever wished to make adjustments in the middle of your round, Krank's Tri-Sleeve Adapter is a golfer's dream come true. With it, maximum adjustments can be made quickly and conveniently. No more fussing around with twisting shafts in the hosel. Now, you can pure your driver during your round of play.

Have you replaced your driver with a 3 wood or hybrid? If so, there is a good chance you are a recreational golfer who can benefit from a Krank custom-built Formula Fire driver that matches your swing speed. Each round of golf starts on the first tee and every shot counts. The simple truth is many golfers just want to enjoy the game more. For them, adding an extra 20 to 40 yards down the fairway is a very big deal, especially when your swing speed is 100 MPH or less.

If you are tired of leaving hundreds of yards in your golf bag, the right driver will allow you to hit the ball farther off the tee box and straighter down the fairway. Krank drivers increase face trampoline effect, which is especially important for the middle and slower swing speeds. To schedule a custom fitting and start designing the driver that is right for your swing,  click here now, and stop giving away distance off the tee.