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Do Rules of Golf or Having Fun Matter Most?

April 18, 2023

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If you frequently play tournaments or have aspirations to be a professional on tour, strict adherence to the USGA Rules of Golf is essential. No one questions that and sanctioning bodies usually seek the opinion of its members regarding rule changes that would improve the game for players and spectators.

Nonetheless, a recent survey determined the average age of today’s golfers in the United States is around the mid-50s and continually growing older. In addition, a good drive off the tee box is less than 230 yards while tour pros are hitting the ball well over 300 yards. Unfortunately, many of the rules about drivers were written to control a pro’s distance.

Simply stated if you play golf to have fun with friends, you are a recreational golfer. If you like to have a few beers and always allow mulligans off the first tee, you are recreational golfer. If you rely on golf to get much needed exercise for healthy living, you are a recreational golfer. Good news is Krank Golf has the answers to improve your game.

It is easy to quantify the difference on course...

According to recent studies the average eighteen-hole golf score is around 95 strokes for a male golfer and over 105 strokes for the average female golfer. And yes, we all know golfers of both sexes that can knock the cover off the ball. And yes, Krank Golf manufactures drivers that they can personalize for an above-average swing.

There is really no reason to make comparisons between Low-Handicappers and Average Joes. You know that today’s Tour players are highly skilled at every aspect of the game. But, there is an argument to be made over restrictive professional-level equipment rules that amplify the differences in a recreational golfer's performance on course.

Due to the fact that equipment standards are implemented to limit the driving distance of today’s professionals, it is easy to explain why the Rules of Golf unfairly limit a recreational golfer’s ability to enjoy their game when playing with friends. Most often, it is the thickness of the face of the clubheads being manufactured today.

How Spring Effect Impacts Driving Distance

All too often recreational golfers become frustrated with game due the embarrassing struggle they face driving up to the tee box. For those who leave the driver in the bag, or even worse in their garage, introducing more loft to the ball at impact results in more spin, less ball speed, and shorter distances.

If you relegated a 3-wood or hybrid to replace the “Big Stick”, then you’ve likely given in to a common frustration over trying to achieve greater distance and accuracy off the tee box. Truth is, it is much more rewarding to experience play with a driver that has a face spring effect that will benefit your swing.

Most low-handicappers or tour players can generate clubhead speeds in excess of 115 mph. Unfortunately, this leads many recreational golfers to try and hit the ball harder but they lack the physical conditioning and skills to swing their driver faster. What can make a day of golf more rewarding is to hit a driver that has been personalized to match your natural swing speed without the physical challenges.

Personalize a Krank Driver for Your Game

If you are ready to enjoy the same benefits without having to generate and control a faster swing speed, then its time to schedule a one-on-one fitting with the pros at Krank Golf. Since we don’t cast our heads, Krank is the only manufacturer that offers three face thicknesses to match your swing. If you want to enjoy the next evolution of distance, put a Krank driver in the bag. Just check out some of the options discussed below:

Formula Fire X HIGH-COR – The Formula FIRE X HIGH-COR/HIGH CT driver is 100% handmade, cupped faced forged, and is rated for swing speeds between 105 and 85mph or an average driving distance of 200 to 260 yards.

Formula Fire XX Super HIGH-COR – The New Formula FIRE XX SUPER HIGH-COR/HIGH CT driver is handcrafted with a cupped faced forged and is rated for swing speeds of 80mph and lower or average driving distance of 200 yards or less.

Fujikura Speeder X Light Tour Shaft – For Senior, Ladies or Junior golfers that have an average driving distance of less than 250 yards, the X Light Tour shaft is constructed using extremely fast graphite for lower swing speeds.

Adjustable Driver Adapter – The Krank Tri-Sleeve Adapter allows for maximum adjustment without the fuss of turning the shaft in the hosel. For those golfers who prefer to spine their shafts, this is a big advantage to turning the shaft to adjust loft angles.

Once you’ve selected a Krank driver head that is precision milled from the finest beta titanium, we can fit it with Fujikura Speeder X Light Tour Shaft that is specifically designed using an extremely fast graphite for today’s seniors, ladies and junior golfers that enjoy recreational golf. Don’t forget to ask about our on-the-course adjustable shaft adapter that lets you fine tune your launch angle and spin rate.

Since your driver is the club that has the least amount of loft and the longest shaft, it is most important that it matches your swing. Krank drivers increase face trampoline effect, which is especially important for the middle and slower swing speeds. To schedule a custom fitting and start building the driver that is right for your swing, click here now and stop giving away distance off the tee.