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DeChambeau Debuts Krank FIRE Driver; Shoots 58 at Greenbrier

August 1, 2023

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Bryson DeChambeau has never been shy about his overly methodical approach to playing golf. The native Californian became the fifth college golfer in history to win both the NCAA Division I championship and U.S. Amateur in the same year while playing for the Southern Methodist University Mustangs. After joining the PGA tour, DeChambeau won the U.S. Open making him only the third player behind Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods to win that trifecta of tournaments.

Nicknamed “The Scientist” for his analytical and scientific approach to every shot on the golf course, DeChambeau quickly became the longest player off the tee box, which encouraged other long-ball hitters to rethink their approach. As one of the PGA’s most flamboyant young golfers, DeChambeau often openly argued with sponsors and rules officials on course, and after helping the U.S. team win the 2021 Ryder Cup, announced his loyalty to the PGA in lieu of joining LIV Golf... then reneged.

In 2020 after winning the U.S. Open, DeChambeau had commented that long-drive champions like Justin James and Kyle Berkshire had inspired him to break traditional barriers. Believing that his distance off the tee box might be limited by his body weight, he packed on extra pounds consuming a high-calorie diet. After competing in Long Drive events in 2021, DeChambeau almost won the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship last year losing to German Martin Borgmeier in the final.

Freak Hand Injury Challenged His Approach

Although DeChambeau wasn’t the only PGA player to flip-flop and sign a massive LIV contract, it still upset his PGA fans. After taking a serious interest in speed training, he got off to a bad start at LIV Saudi International by injuring his hand in a rather bizarre off-course accident while playing table tennis. A broken hamate bone proved serious enough to require surgery on his left hand, something that’s never good news for a long-ball hitter. But, DeChambeau remained focused on his golfing goals.

Since LIV golfers are able to play in all four major tournaments as long as they are qualified, DeChambeau attempted an early return from hand surgery for the PGA Championship; but had to withdraw after his practice round. He then took some much needed time off before returning at the U.S. Open where he finished T56. Always rethinking everything about his game, DeChambeau changed his diet and began losing the extra 50 pounds he had gained during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Formula FIRE Drivers Take Accuracy to a New Level

Just over a year ago in a Golf Digest article about the 2022 U.S. Open, the author remarked that the once revolutionary golfer had become just another guy and something of an afterthought. Indeed it had been a rough couple of years for the flamboyant DeChambeau. He had dropped over 200 spots in Golf’s World Rankings, suffered a torn labrum in his hip, had hand surgery to restore his grip, got into a highly publicized disagreement with Bruce Koepka, and criticized his equipment sponsor.

Amidst a year of great uncertainty with Saudi investors attempting to gain control over the PGA Tour, DeChambeau could often be found at the driving range. More than one sportswriter had suggested he was seen literally trying to wear out his driver on the range. When asked, DeChambeau would respond that he felt it was just going to take some time to get back to hitting the ball with the same power and accuracy that he once had. But for sure, this is a different Bryson DeChambeau.

Still searching for that secret ingredient to regain the success he once had, the 29-year-old DeChambeau entered the LIV Golf Invitational Greenbrier with two new clubs in his bag: a USGA-conforming Krank Formula FIRE LD (long drive) driver with 6-degrees of loft and a Krank FIRE fairway wood. Over the weekend, his hard work and radical decision making paid off big as DeChambeau earned his first LIV title with a historic final round of 58.

So, what did DeChambeau have to say about his secret weapon?

The newest winner on the LIV Tour admitted that he would have preferred to keep his secret weapon a secret. But, has added that it is true our Krank Formula FIRE LD driver has helped him hit the ball off the tee box with length and accuracy. In addition, the winner of the LIV Invitational Greenbrier admits to going back to a simple post-round cool down rather than spending endless hours on the range. In Sunday’s final round, DeChambeau shot a 28 going out with a 30 coming home.

“Hitting a driver with maximum energy transfer means you can hit the ball straighter as well as longer,” says Lance Reader, founder and president of Krank Golf. “We don’t build irons; we don’t build wedges; and we don’t build putters. We custom-machine driver heads from the highest quality materials using our precision forged technology. By relying on the design experience gained from decades of research, we make it easier for all golfers to post a lower score.”


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