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Better Yardage Off the Tee Hitting a Custom Driver

June 21, 2022

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There is a common assumption that golfers hit the ball much farther today than they did in the past. If you have watched a recent PGA tournament or PLDA (Professional Long Driver Association) championship event, 300-plus yard drives on the Tour and 400-plus yard drives at long drive competitions are fairly common. However, there are noticeable differences in overall distance using the same technology based on different skill levels. After all, you still have to make a good swing, but golfclub technology can be applied to increase your yardage and give you better ball control off the tee.

3 Steps to Hitting a Driver Farther

Average driving yardage varies widely by manufacturer as well as from one golfer to another. After all, you still have to swing the driver regardless of all the technological advancements. Nonetheless, club builders have made substantial improvements to equipment that can change your game. Probably not enough to turn an average golfer into a pro but enough to lower the score on your card while reducing your overall handicap. Let’s look at three issues related to seeing better yardage off the tee from hitting a custom driver that has been matched to your swing characteristics:

1) Swing Mechanics – The vast majority of high-handicap golfers can increase distance off the tee by improving their swing. In fact, there are very common problems that can be fixed immediately. Take a lesson to make sure you have a comfortable setup that allows you to stay well balanced throughout the swing. Once you are finding the sweet spot (or center of the driver’s face) regularly, you can begin to work on swing speed to produce a faster ball speed.

2) Custom Club Fitting – Not to discredit the amazing work that equipment engineers do every day to keep improving the clubs you use on the golf course, there are critical components that should be personalized to take advantage of your swing A professional club fitter will consider club head speed, strike quality, launch angle, and ball flight to help you select the right clubhead, adjustable driver adapter, and shaft. At Krank Golf, we make sure you have the right mixture for your swing.

3) High-Tech Drivers – Once you’ve cleaned up the swing mechanics and purchased a custom-fitted driver that has been personalized to take advantage of your swing, the difference in swinging a high-tech driver can pay dividends. If you’re hitting a driver with an adjustable head and shaft, you should be able to generate more ball speed and better height with a reduced spin rate. Coupled with the right spring-effect for the face and you should see an average improvement of 25 to 50 yards off the tee box.

As you might guess, most recreational golfers are not bombing drives off the tee just because of the newer technology in their bag. But, the higher your handicap, the more improvement you could see. Golfers who shoot bigger scores can anticipate better performance gains than low-handicap golfers, who most likely take lessons, have their driver custom fitted, and already play with the sport’s latest equipment. If you’ve been dreaming about hitting the ball farther off the tee, then now is the time to find a good custom fitter who can personalize a driver to suit your exact needs.

Increased Driving Yardage Depends on You


Driving distance off of the tee box depends just as much on the golfer as it does on the golf club. So, let’s start by dispelling the myth that short hitters can’t win. They can and they do. Conversely, being the longest hitter in your foursome doesn’t guarantee that you will shoot the lowest score. This is due to the fact that driving the ball farther down the fairway does not matter if you don’t have the control to keep the ball in play. You likely know someone who is a brut on the tee box but spends most of the day searching the brush for lost balls. Golf is a complicated game and playing the wrong equipment makes it harder.

 “Golf starts from the tee box not from the green,” said Lance Reader. “Don’t ruin your round with a faulty decision.”  The president and founder of Krank Golf preaches his sentiment to those golfers who never touch a driver and choose to hit a 3-wood or long iron off the tee box. For starters, make sure your commitment is to never leave distance in your golf bag. While too many options can cause problems, the array of options at Krank Golf means you can buy equipment specifically for your golf swing. There are literally thousands of combinations between shafts and heads to allow for a perfect custom fitting.

Visit us online to check out the discounts being offered by Krank Golf and start hitting a driver with exact lofting, precise lie angles, and a clubface that has been micro milled to maximize its spring effect.