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It's Time to Rethink Your Bag. The Age of Hybrids is Over.

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Taking High COR Fairway Woods Technology to the Next Level!

Introducing the Highest Performing, Easiest to Hit and Super High COR/CT FIRE Fairway Woods.

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Bryson Dechambeau's New Secret

Yes, we are pushing the limits of Golf Driver Performance for every age, every swing speed, Men and Women!


Here is what you ABSOLUTELY need to know:

WHY DO WE DO THAT???  It is simple science and it is called TRAMPOLINE EFFECT! The slowest swing speed golfers SHOULD NOT be forced to hit the same driver face thickness as do the fastest swing speeds. Common sense? Apparently not!

Krank Golf matches your swing speed to the proper face thickness, so you can maximize your distance off the tee box. Why does virtually every golf driver manufacturer today only make one driver face thickness for all swing speed, all ages, Men, Women and Children? THAT IS A GREAT QUESTION! Well, those days are over! Krank Golf is committed to making sure ALL golfers get their fair Driver Face Spring Effect on every swing regardless of how fast or how slow they swing. We will add significant distance for all swing speeds, especially the medium to slower swing speed golfers. They are the ones who are hurt the most!

Here are the New Formula FIRE Drivers.

Formula FIRE PRO Average Driving Distance above 260 Yards or the golfer must use a driver on the USGA Driver Conforming List because they compete in Professional or Elite Amateur USGA Competitions – YES, this Driver is USGA Conforming – Approx. 250 CT

Formula FIRE X Average Driving Distance between 200 and 260 Yards – High COR Approx. 340 CT

Formula FIRE XX Average Driving Distance Under 200 Yards – Super High COR – Approx. 400 CT

  1. We increased the CT (Spring Effect Values) in the FIRE X Driver to 340 CT and in the FIRE XX Driver to 400 CT. This was done through CNC micro milling the Deep Cupped Face thinner, insuring increasing ball speed.
  2. Increased Louvering on the bottom and the top of the driver for our most rigid driver ever. This increases the energy transfer back to the ball quicker and more efficiently.
  3. Changed the shape of the bottom of the driver by lowering the center section thus, raising the center of gravity 10 Millimeters for a significant reduction in ball spin.
  4. Widened the Deep Cup Face which provides more overall face structure and durability, which was needed to accommodate the thinner faces.
  5. Changed the bottom weight placement for better accuracy and angular/lateral spin control.

The Formula FIRE Driver is now the highest performing driver Krank Golf has ever made.

The USGA uses a device called a CT Machine (Characteristic Time) to measure the Driver Face Spring Effect (Trampoline Effect). This CT Machine drops a pendulum ball on the face of the driver and measures how long it stays on the face. The maximum time it can stay on the face is 257 microseconds. So, any driver that exceeds 257 microseconds cannot be on the USGA Driver Conforming list. The higher the number, the higher the driver face spring effect. Here are the CT number for the FIRE Drivers.

Formula FIRE PRO Approx. 250 CT – YES, USGA Conforming

Formula FIRE X Approx. 340 CT – High COR/CT

Formula FIRE XX Approx. 400 CT – Super High COR/CT

You will average 20 to 40 more yards depending on how much roll you get on the golf course you play on.  This simple truth is, we are adding ball speed and reducing ball spin, that equals longer drives!  This is not Magic, it is pure science.  We are increasing driver face trampoline effect for all swing speeds, especially the middle and slower swing speeds.

We are making sure all swing speeds have the same fair driver face trampoline effect!

We choose to use average driving distance on the graph to help select the proper driver face thickness because we know with 99% accuracy the average driving distance each swing speeds creates. Virtually all golfers know their average driving distance and only 10% of golfers know their swing speed. Choose the Zone on the graph that matches your average driving distance and you will be selecting the Formula Fire Driver that matches your swing speed!

NO! Again, this is simple science!  If a golfer whose average driving distance is above 260 yards and they hit the FIRE XX Super High COR/CT Driver, two things will happen.

  1. The ball will go shorter because at that higher swing speed, it will overload the face and does not spring back effectively.
  2. The face of the driver will also flatten and break.

Every FIRE Driver is rated for a specific swing speed.  As long as the driver is used by a golfer in that swing speed range or average driving distance range, using the graph below, the driver will last for years and generate extreme ball speeds and added distance.

YES. All Krank Golf Drivers including the FORMULA FIRE Drivers are the straightest hitting drivers on the planet. If you own a Formula 11 Driver, you already know that. Our Dual weight port system greatly reduces the lateral/angular spin of the ball, which greatly reduces the curve of the ball.

Square the face to the target and you will find more fairways than you do now with your current driver.

At Krank Golf we specialize in Extreme Driver performance. (USGA Conforming and High COR/CT Drivers) We don’t build irons, wedges or putters. There are plenty to choose from on the market.  For over 21 years we have continued to push the boundaries of what makes a driver hit straighter and longer down the fairway or the Long Drive Grid.  From 26 World Long Drive Championships to making the undisputed longest hitting drivers for the medium to slower swing speed golfers.  We cover every golfer, at every age and at every swing speed.

Follow the SCIENCE! It’s not that complicated. Don’t settle for thick faced drivers anymore!

Enjoy the New Formula FIRE Drivers! They will make your game worth remembering!


To get started, please click on the zone that matches your average driving distance.

Krank Golf Pro Driver swing speed chart
Krank Golf Formula X High-Core Driver swing speed chart
Krank Golf Formula XX Super High-Cor Driver swing speed chart

Average Driving Distance

If you really want to know why these drivers hit 20 to 40 yds longer than your current driver, call us and talk! The best 10 minutes you will ever invest in your game.

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We are proud to introduce the New Formula FIRE Drivers. If you follow Krank Golf at all, you understand we are committed to maximum driver face spring effect for all swing speeds. We make 3 different driver face thicknesses. We match your swing speed to the proper face thickness. This guarantees all golfers will get the same and fair trampoline effect regardless of their swing speed. If you swing less than 105 MPH, 90 MPH, 70 MPH, you really need to take a minute to understand the science of driver face spring effect. The face of your driver is like a trampoline, but only if you have the proper face thickness for your swing speed. If you want to gain 20 to 40 more yards off the tee box on your first swing, Krank Golf is the only golf company in the world today that can make that happen. Have more fun golfing! Please click on the section of the graph that applies to your average driving distance and get started on your Krank journey today. You will never look back! Make your game worth remembering!


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